Barmouth Bound

After wolfing down a Sainsbury’s meal deal in a car park, and setting off an hour or so later than initially planned, Luke and I headed for Barmouth.

Once we left the motorway and began weaving through the Welsh countryside, I pulled out my camera and began to shoot. As we sped past the built up foliage, rolling hills, and all-round beautiful scenery, I couldn’t help but think about my Trek America trip last year.

We began in LA and wound up in San Francisco, detouring to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and (my love) Yosemite along the way. The entire trip was magic, but the imagery from the drive out of Yosemite National Park has stuck with me so vividly.

I can still see the setting sun’s golden light flicker through the gaps in the forest canopy, as we travelled down the winding roads back to camp. The comforting sound of Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks easing the need for conversation. Our bodies, tired from hiking, moulding into the van’s seats as we drifted in and out of sleep.

This leg of the journey to Wales felt reminiscent of that drive. Everywhere I looked I saw the blue, green and yellow tones all warm and orange-tinted again. This consistency making anywhere feel familiar, almost like home... Road trips are just good for the soul, dude.

On the whole, I feel these images perfectly capture the nostalgic, and somewhat ethereal vibe of our journey to Barmouth. Especially when it comes to subject, composition and grading. But, if I was to take them again in attempts to improve, I would be interested to shoot with a Neutral Density (ND) or Polarising filter, just to find out what difference this would make to bringing out the details of the sky.

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