On the same day I shot Rosie, Luke also generously offered up his time (and self) to be photographed. Despite my initial nerves, the photos from this shoot gave me a confidence boost so huge I felt I could legitimately pursue portrait photography as a career.

After seeing Kaye Ford (Fordtography) highlight the effectiveness of using props in portraiture, I tried to think creatively about the ways in which we could use those Rosie brought along.

The framing using the umbrella happened completely through trying different things. Watching my edges has always been something I have tried to master in photography, and so was chuffed when I reviewed the image to find Luke and the umbrella filled the frame in its entirety.

A lesson learnt from this shoot has been to buy and try shooting with a reflector. Whilst I lightened up shadows in post, using a reflector would have lifted the shadows to a more favourable extent.

Whilst shot humorously, as explained over on Instagram, I find the third image striking. Luke’s rigid pose is held with purpose, and you can see through the look on his face his commitment to it. Serving major Jonathan Van Ness vibes... Can you believe?

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