Making Trails

These photos were taken from a bridge over the A1(M). I have visited this spot a handful of times when I have a noisy mind. Finding comfort in the constant and loud hum of passing vehicles, and the way the rumble drones out most other sounds.

Making the most of the long days, as the end of Summer drew ever closer, Luke and I headed out with our cameras in hand. We had given up on chasing sunsets for the evening, and went to try our hand at long exposures instead.

I first set my camera up on a tripod to capture the trails of head and tail lights passing underneath us. Tinkering with the settings to find out which f-stop let enough light in to keep the lights illuminated, but the cars and location fairly dark. Underwhelmed by the results, I decided to pick the camera up and start experimenting with movement.

Considering these photos were not what I originally planned to capture, I am pleased with how they turned out! I am such a fiend for long exposures and light trails in photography that it is no surprise to me that I fell for these quite quickly. Especially after running them through Lightroom and Photoshop afterwards, and seeing the colours pop.

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