My favourite time of day for shooting has always been Golden Hour. Where the setting sun gives everything a warm glow and an orange tint; and landscapes, pre-sunset skies, and nature in general, an added magic touch.

Unsure of the effect the light would have on portraits, and wanting to refresh my memory of Portraiture from A Level Photography, I rallied up some of my generous pals and drove us out to some pretty spots in our hometown.

At the first location, the side of a grassy bank, we played around with the props Rosie thoughtfully brought along. Focusing on the way the light fell, I loved how illuminated her kaleidoscope-esque glasses became in the sun’s low rays.

At the second location, once everyone had become a little more comfortable in front of the camera, we began to experiment.

Movement is difficult to catch on camera. Often being a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type situation. With the hair flick shot, I asked Rosie to turn away and back towards me a few times. I love how open her posture is, and the confidence and vulnerability in her expression. It felt magical to capture the moment where she was concentrating on anything else but my camera.

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