The arrival of certain seasons can feel like coming home. And that’s exactly what Autumn feels like to me. I could, and gladly would, spend hours listing my favourite Autumnal activities (like drinking hot chocolate, cuddling up on the sofa to watch Bake Off and Strictly, or wearing jumpers so chunky that remembering not to dip a sleeve into my soup is part of the outfit) but instead, I have taken the time to summarise the season in a video.

Autumn was shot in a single evening, during Gregg and I’s stay at a family friend’s cottage, in a small village in Peterborough. Visiting on the last weekend of September meant we experienced the indecisive weather, days shortening, and colder nights for the first time this year. And, as we lucked out on spending it in the cosiest place, it was all too glorious not to share.

The last time I created anything like this video, was when I was working as a full time Video Editor. I was pleasantly surprised to find so much joy in the creative process, and am itching to make time for other personal projects like this. I’ve got odd bits and bobs of footage collecting dust on hard drives, and now the owner of the cottage has asked that I make a similar video for each season, so I’ll keep you posted on what I cook up next…

Tell me, what would be your perfect Autumnal day?

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