Note to Self

Clouds through the window, in the morning

Have you left the house today? You always feel so much better for feeling the fresh air on your skin. Its cleansing cool in your nostrils, encouraging every breath to be a deep one. 

Let’s go for a run. We can watch the leaves change colour, and dodge the puddles from last night’s rain together. I’m sure you have a pop or thumping rock playlist fitting for the occasion, and just think about the shower waiting for you at home... Heaven.

Yellow leaves on concrete steps

If a walk is more suitable for today’s schedule, let’s be sure to stop for a drink then! And something to eat if you haven’t yet. Or why not take a packed lunch with you? You always forget how homely they are. Mine’s a cheese and marmite if you’re making.

When you get home, don’t leave the changing seasons at the door. Bring the newness in with you. Declutter your space, closet and paperwork. Taking each category of items one at a time. Or make use of your craft materials to create something with your hands. Whichever feels good to you in the moment.

Blurry raindrops on, and cars passing by, a window

When the clock reaches 9pm, put your phone out of reach and earshot. Set a reminder for this time of evening if you need it. These hours are all yours now, sweet. So let the day slip off of you and pop your pyjamas on instead. Grab a book and settle in. You’ve earned this.

Well done for today, every day that came before it, and every day to come. I believe in you. I’m grateful for you. I love you.

What would you write in your note to self? Is there anything you need to hear?

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