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If you follow me on any of my socials, you may or may not have picked up on my insistent, over the top chatter about my website revamp. Needless to say, I have been the biggest bit excited about it… And it’s finally here!

In May 2018, I decided to level up and take the plunge with a Squarespace site, as I was finally convinced by all of the sponsored videos and adverts I saw for it on YouTube. I had been writing for various personal blogs on and off for years, but it was this change that led to squandered passions seeping into my daily conscious. I decided to revamp Sian Blogs to be a portraiture portfolio and photography-focused site. With plans to share tip-centred posts and my favourite photographers of the week…

This was a fine idea, until the niche suffocated my creativity so much that I didn't post anything. I realised that my interest was in taking the photos, as apposed to talking about them, and therefore I needed a space that was open to any and all artistic avenues. I explained this shift in a post called Branching out; where I reminisce about the online social platforms that came before (Oh Myspace, you were a simpler time…) and daydream about where to take this site next.

Not wanting to waste any time, I kicked off my Snapshots series the same day I posted Branching out… Aaaaaaand then almost immediately stalled. I was loving doing something that let me flex my creative muscle in a new way, but the website interface felt janky and mismatched. It didn’t show my work off in the way I wanted it to, which felt oddly integral to the creating itself. Like, y’know when your bedroom is messy so you feel scrambled to? That was how I felt with my online space… There was only one thing for it - I knocked it down Extreme Makeover: Home Edition style, gave it a complete overhaul, and here she is bloomin’ well is!

(A huge thank you to Luke, Eleanor, Ffion, Rebecca and Sasha for giving the site a once over for me. I seriously appreciate your time and suggestions for improvement!)


Let me take you on a tour, eh?


Ah, Sian Blogs’ home page - the entryway for all things creative! I really wanted to show off my skills with this makeover, so I made sure to put my portraiture front and centre. The images on this page present themselves as tiles, some of which are customised with illustrations I put together in Procreate - which you can see above. Each tile is a clickable gateway to more photographs, background information on the selected shoot, and sweet testimonials too. I’m really proud with how the whole site has turned out, but I’m super glad I added some hand drawn pops of yellow in here. This page feels special to me now.


I may have left my holiday in Devon feeling just as tired as I did before it, but BOY did my brain go to town on round-the-houses, surprisingly-productive-upon-reflection, thinking. Whilst at the time I was hoping, to the point of almost getting down on my hands and knees to beg, for it to quieten down so I could enjoy my chips, it did make me think a lot about what this page will become home to. I’m still figuring it all out at the moment, as there’s a fair bit to it, but keep your eyes peeled.


I’ve mentioned a handful of times that I studied Film and Television Production at university, and that I was a Video Editor for a few years. At the time there wasn’t much more I had to say about it, but now I’ve moved into freelance work, I wanted to make a place on my blog to promote my knowledge of, as well as experience and expertise with, Post Production. So much so, that this page includes my career history, the services I provide, and some examples of my work to boot. In the, hopefully not too distant, future, I’d love to use my skills for all things creative.

Meta, much?

Meta, much?

About, Blog and Contact

Alright, before I get onto these pages, I hope you are as delighted as I am about them being arranged in an A, B, C format. Especially following on from the Portraits, People and Post alliteration. Is there such a thing as too much joy? Because this is exactly what these have brought my soul.

I feel like the About page is pretty self explanatory… But hello and welcome to my vamped up Blog! Here you can find posts on portraiture, my career, especially the progress I’m making every month, my 365 day photo series “Snapshots”, honest-to-blog lifestyle-type wittering, and a whole bunch of creative goodness. There are so many things going on here, and I’m thrilled to announce that there is so much more to come too. I’m not kidding when I say that I currently have 12 posts scheduled… One of which may include a video... It’s all happening, people!

If you’re liking what you’re seeing, Contact is a great place to ask any questions or queries, get in touch about working with me, or to strike up a conversation. I would love to hear from you. Speaking of which, what do you think of the new look and features? Let me know in a comment below!

I am beyond excited for the future of Sian Blogs. Despite the times it has fallen quiet, and the many forms it has taken on, this little corner of the web means so much to me. And now it feels like my online home. I LOVE IT.

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