Cafe Chula

Cafe Chula
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Brownie

Taking trips to Camden Town used to be somewhat of a regular occurrence whenever I had the chance to go to London, but over the past few years I've rarely visited the borough at all. When my Dad and I revisited recently, we stopped off at Cafe Chula.

For years Caffe Crema stood in its place. As I attempted to savour my Mexican hot chocolate - topped with fresh cream and brimming with warming cinnamon, I recounted my family all taking handfuls of of the free dark chocolate coffee beans Cafe Creme kept stocked on the counter. Perhaps we are to blame for its sudden and mysterious disappearance...

Cafe Chula's interior intertwines rustic charm and delicate floral accents. The soft furnishings, rain pelting down outside and the scent of cooking burritos made the urge to stay curled up with a book almost unbearable. Thankfully the rain slowed, and held off as we slowly made our way through the West Yard and onto the winding backstreets lined with shops.