Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by!

This is what I look like!

My name is Sian, I'm British and I live in the UK. I turned 20 this year (eek!) and will be venturing into my final year of studying Film & Television Production at University in September (double eek!). 

I'm very much a food lover and, despite greatly appreciating a variety of cuisines, I can't deny that pizza is my all-time favourite food. When it comes to dessert I'm totally tied between lemon tart and banoffee pie though. Film also occupies a huge chunk of my heart, particularly those directed by Edgar Wright. My favourite film of his, and quite possibly my favourite film altogether, is 

Hot Fuzz


Visiting America for the first time last year sparked my interest to see more of the world and as I have tried my hand at blogging before and thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought I would combine the two and see what happens!

Speak to you soon!