Roller Derby

I originally wrote this post way back in May. I held off posting until now as I wanted to share a video alongside this post, which wasn't online at the time. I worked in a two person crew on a Documentary about the sport, focusing on The Brighton Rockers, for my second year of University. I'm really proud of the Documentary and I am excited to share what the crew worked so hard on. I have embed the film at the bottom of the post!


On the 10th of May I travelled to Haywards Heath in Sussex to see the very awesome Brighton Rockers team versus The Middlesborough Milk Rollers. I don't know whether it was because the last time I was watching the Rockers play, it was entirely through a camera lens, but this game felt a lot more ruthless. There was falling on faces, hard hits and, despite wincing my way through it, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy every second of it!!

I've always had a keen interest in Roller Derby since watching

Whip It


I know it isn't the most unoriginal introduction to Roller Derby, but it's better than nothing right?!

) as part of a Film Club when I was in Secondary School. I was completely fascinated by the sport and players even in a fictional form. I'm pretty sure I left the classroom then and there wishing I was one of the Hurl Scouts.


If you ever get the chance to see a Roller Derby game, especially as its popularity in the UK is on the rise, I would encourage you to go. I'm currently keeping my eye out for the next Rockers game and putting some money aside for tickets!

(Please watch in HD and full screen for best results!)