Southbank, Spitalfields and Selfridges

Festival Of Love
Museum of Broken Relationships
Cathy & Claire Problem Page
Things I wish I knew at 15
Yaki Soba
Peach Iced Tea
Krispy Kreme

For Lizzie's birthday in August, I visited her and friends in London. Kicking things off with a walk along the Southbank, we stumbled across a temporary exhibition, part of Southbank's Festival of Love. 

We spent an hour or so perusing the cabinets filled with trinkets from past relationships, reading the sometimes heartfelt and sometimes frank placards alongside them, and in the Things I Wish I'd Known at 15 section. This part was my favourite. Particularly the wall of handwritten notes left by visitors. I added my own; 'You don't need to worry about everything' with a big smiley face. Whilst it's something I'm still learning, I have come so far from the days I would have been too anxious to even touch the paper there.

Wagamamas at Spitalfields was next. Despite attempts to try something new, I couldn't get past Yaki Soba on the menu, and washed it down with peach iced tea. I blame 30 Rock's Jack-Tor episode. Dessert came courtesy of our free Krispy Kreme donut quest. The dedication took us from a closed kiosk at Liverpool Street Station to Selfridges' on Oxford Street. The Reeses' Peanut Butter Kreme was worth it though.

We spent the afternoon strolling around Carnaby Street and sitting in a nearby park recalling the day. When night began to creep in, we said our goodbyes and headed for Winchester. By the time we got to Lizzie's it was pretty late, but our stomachs were growling. So, we raided the fridge, demolished scrambled eggs on toast, and chatted long into the small hours.

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