Herts Breakers vs Suffolk Roller Derby

On Saturday 9th of May, Herts Breakers hosted their first bout and played their first ever game! As part of the 2015 British Championships, Full Metal Roller Derby's Herts Breakers came face-to-face (

or should I say hip-to-hip

) with Suffolk Roller Derby on track, minutes after Bourne Bombshells had been defeated by Killa Hurtz Roller Girls.


It was a glorious moment watching the Herts Breakers skate out. I've been a part of the Full Metal Roller Derby league since September last year, but due to final year university commitments, all of my hobbies had to take a back seat. Consequently, this has meant I am far from being able to compete! Even though I would have loved to join them on track, just watching my league-mates fly the team's flag made me feel incredibly proud.


Before watching the Breakers play, the only other team I had seen live were the Brighton Rockers. Because of this, I found it quite awe-inspiring to be watching people I knew from practice, take on another team right in front of me. I continued to be inspired when at half time the scoreboard read 4 - 209 to Suffolk, but it didn't affect the Breakers' spirits. They powered on and worked hard to push through opposing walls or keep their own walls strong, all with their heads held high.


Despite the final score being 15 - 396 to Suffolk, the feeling of joy I experienced from watching my team play was reflected in their smiling faces at the end of the game. I hope to be playing as part of this wonderful team one day!