Postcards from Brocket


Walk around Brocket Hall's grounds and through the forest area. Before our trip I'd never been to Brocket, but had seen the historic house and its posh golf course when passing by car.

I stopped for a little while to take some photos from the bridge. On one side was the view above, of the lake and house, and the other presented a view over the rest of the water and hazy trees in the distance. It was really lovely to be able to stop and take a break in such a pretty spot, especially as final year deadlines were looming at the time!

little beauty nestled amongst the blossom. I'm pretty sure it knew it was getting some attention, as it gracefully sat still with its wings open long enough for me to take a few photos. 

Even though winter is my favourite time of year, I have to admit that I find elements of springtime, particularly blooming blossom trees, undeniably pretty. Up until a couple of years ago there used to be a tree that would sprout the same shade of blossom in my next door neighbours garden every year. It was beautiful. ***