St Albans


Following a lazy morning, where my mood shifted with the weather and left me feeling completely indecisive, a trip to St Albans was on the cards. Whilst the initial deliberation in whether to head out or not caused a delay in setting off, the weather confirmed the right decision was made. It felt like Summer, not a day in May!

The last time I was in St Albans, it was for my graduation at The Abbey - pictured in the first photograph. It feels strange to visit somewhere in various different contexts across months or even years. To notice how much has changed or stayed the same since the last time, both in terms of the location and my own state of mind. It was a surreal yet refreshing experience to feel so content after feeling overwhelmed with stress last time.

I also got to visit one of my happy places; the stream with the dancing midges. I have loved this spot since I was a child. Back then it felt like something magical from a fairy tale, and in a way it still does. The glistening water, the golden light seeping through gaps in the leaves, and the darker spots too. It's in full view of passersby, but it feels like my secret.

Feeling fuelled by nostalgia, recalling summer days spent running around in the Verulamium's field with my family, playing with a football or frisbee, I walked through quaint side streets back towards the main high street. I broke off my exclusive relationship with Yaki Soba to try the (thankfully) extremely yummy Chicken Ramen - soz hun - and grabbed a Reeses Pieces Milkshake from Shaken Cow to enjoy in the car on the way home.

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