"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again."

I didn't schedule a post for yesterday as I was a little busy preparing for and then taking a practical driving test. I posted back in January about failing, which unfortunately wasn't the first time this had happened. Understandably, this usually causes people to think I must be horrendous driver, but I know that it has always been down to one thing.


. I hate tests.

I absolutely despise them!

 I even took coursework based subjects for A Level and a whole coursework-focused degree at university in order to avoid them as much as I could. The pressure of a year's worth of study coming down to one day, one hour, is just far too much for me.

Sadly this isn't an option with driving though! After a lot of revision, I aced my theory first time. The practical test on the other hand, not so much. (This is probably totally TMI, but) Before and during tests I would feel nauseous, like I needed to pee, sweat profusely and my mouth would feel as dry as a desert. This would then inevitably lead to me making silly mistakes that weren't an issue during lessons, my overt consciousness being recorded as hesitation and I would mess up manoeuvres I knew I could do. Meaning I would return to the test centre both exhausted and to a very confused instructor.

I'm very pleased (

otherwise known as so ecstatic I keep trying to calm myself down

) to be able to say that I have now passed my driving test AND with only two minors! I'm absolutely over the moon. It's been a long time coming and has caused a lot of stress and tears, but today I was finally handed my blue certificate. I keep suddenly remembering I've passed and then drift off into thoughts about how much freedom I have now. I've got some bits and pieces to sort out before I am completely road-ready, but cannot wait for the adventures ahead!!

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