Feelin' 22

Electric Cinema
Rainbow Street

My parents suggested I take a Friday off for us to do something for my birthday. This year celebrations were a little different. Throughout education my birthday always coincided with the Easter holidays, but now I work a full time job I spent my birthday at my desk. And I quite enjoyed the change!! I spent the day working on paperwork, as the sun shone though the window and a new Cloverfeels podcast played out in the background... Causing myself to roar with laughter on multiple occasions. My parents kindly took me out for dinner on my birthday too. We tried out the newly opened Thai restaurant in town and it was luscious.

On the Friday, we jumped on a train and headed for Portobello Road. I'd never been before, but my parents went there with some family recently, thoroughly enjoyed it and suggested it as somewhere to definitely visit. I really loved taking the time to wander around and take everything in. Noticing little details waiting around every corner and down every road. I was struck by the variety of bits and pieces for sale in the streets too. Mum pointed out how it was a haven for anyone looking for film props and she was completely right; if I'm ever in need of items for set decoration, I know where I'm going!

Portobello Road
Poptata London

After pounding the streets in the gorgeous weather (I walked over 18,800 steps in total!) it was time for a spot of lunch. Catching sight of people tucking into incredibly delicious looking chips sent us on a hunt for the source, and


chips were found! Freshly cooked, crispy cheesy goodness in a cone.

Mmm, mmm, mmm

. As the sky turned overcast, we retreated to Westfields for cover. I had a nosey in the shops, may or may not have brought a couple of bits, and then it was time to head home. I had a lovely day and would really like to revisit Portobello Road - even if it's just to catch a film in that cinema!

It's okay, don't cry