23 Meteor Street


Back in April I crossed the first thing off of my

25 Before 25

list! I'm a big film and TV fan, and have always had a huge fascination with finding out about the goings on

behind the scenes

. I absolutely love delving into the production process and trivia of how a movie or show came to be; sometimes even more so than the actual finished product itself. One location I've been desperate to visit for such a long time is the house featured in the ever so brilliant



I mentioned to Ma that I was interested in seeing it when we were off to spend the day in Camden together, and as we finished up moseying around the stalls and shops, she asked if I would like to try to find it. I found the address on Google, popped it into maps and away we went. The walk was pretty straight forward and couldn't have taken longer than half an hour. The only thing missing from the journey was something to munch on. Something like a packet of Jaffa Cakes would have gone down a treat. I could have even kept them in my coat pocket...

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And there it is

. It's crazy to think that the little show which shot exteriors here back in the 90s has gone on to become a cult classic, and has propelled many of its cast into stardom. It's also strange to think how some people will have done the same as me - stopped to appreciate and take photos of a place they feel they know so well - whilst others have unknowingly walked on by. 

We hung around long enough to snap some photos of and in front of the building, before thinking it was time to make a move. It's easy to forget this is actually someone's home! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a film location in the flesh though and have plans to visit more. The next being somewhere in Crouch End. Any guesses for what it is or which film it might have appeared in?