Postcards from Pegsdon Hills and Hoo Bit

Yellow Fields
Sheep On The Hill
Walking View
Sheep and Lambs
Yellow Fields

I love going for walks. I love going to spots that are so far from train tracks, roads and flight paths that the only sounds are from the wind, insects or crunches underfoot. I love feeling the burning sensation in my legs as I climb a steep hill via the path formed in the worn down grass. I love how passersby say hello. I love trudging through the mud and feeling like a kid again when I think of Michael Rosen's We're Going on a Bear Hunt. I love those seconds in which I reach the highest vantage point and turn around for the view's big reveal.

Black Sheep (2006) vibes, anyone?

A few times when travelling home from shoots, in a bid to avoid the hustle and bustle of the motorway, the journey has been greatly made up of winding country roads. I'd often end up staring out of the windows at the thick forests, endless fields and views down from the hills that slope away from the road onto small villages - wishing I was out there instead. As there is only one pretty place for walking within a stones throw of my house, I don't go exploring half as much as I would like to. So in order to see something new, one of my best friends (Luke!) and I decided to jump in the car and drive to The Wildlife Trusts nature reserve's Pegsdon Hills and Hoo Bit. 

After finding a spot to stop in, we parked up and began to walk up the signposted path. Admittedly we planned to visit the area by looking at a map, seeing the vast amount of greenery, and deciding it would be a great place to go to without knowing much else about it. We certainly lucked out! The views were beautiful. And there were sheep, lambs and cows happily grazing in the fields too. Can we also take a second to appreciate the glorious colour of the yellow rapeseed crops? Just wow. It really was a wonderful sight - especially when it started to drizzle on the way back to the car and the field began to look a little misty too.

Totes atmospheric.

As the weather turned a little grey, we made our way back towards the car and then somewhere for food. When we first arrived, we originally planned to walk around the area before returning to climb the hill where the sheep and lambs were, to see the view. Now that the rain had advanced from drops to a shower we thought it best to avoid the hill for possible falls; especially as the mud had adjusted from feeling a little squelchy to a slippery slime! If or when we return, going for that climb will be first on the to do list.

Although the main point of the trip was to go for a walk in the fresh outdoors, it really was great to spend some time with Luke alway from screens and busy towns. We chatted on and on about anything and everything, and had many giggles along the way. We also may or may not have had a little too much fun running up a hill in slow motion, to Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill... I enjoyed it all so much that I've finally purchased myself a pair of lightweight walking boots and a pretty spectacular yellow rain coat. I can't wait to go on another walk soon and have decided on Barton Hills as the next place to go!

PS: How adorable is the name Hoo Bit? Seeing or hearing it makes me smile every time.