Evening Drive

Quiet Road

My favourite time of day? Just before and as the sun sets. The 'Golden Hour'. There's something about the way the air feels lighter, everything looks crisper and the sky is full of colour that I don't think I'll ever get over. As the day crept away yesterday, I jumped in the car and drove myself to country roads. I parked up in a clearing next to a gate and sat for a couple of minutes with the windows down. Apart from City and Colour's dulcet tones that drifted around me, it was quiet. Oh so quiet.

I got out and stood next to the car. The faint sound of Dallas Green's voice and soothing acoustic guitar intertwined with the soft wind. The breeze brushed my face and played with the strands of hair that had fallen loose from my ponytail. I watched as the sun gradually fell behind a pylon on my right, and the moon became clearer in the sky on my left. I paused to admire how yellow the fields looked. I was alone, but I felt safe.

My favourite times? Those in which time doesn't matter, and in this instance it didn't cross my mind once. The moment didn't feel fast or slow. There was no feeling of urgency or needing to rush. Everything felt calm and still. I felt calm and still.

Fields of Gold