Soft Serve Society

Soft Serve Society



, Steph and I giggled our way around


, had a gander in


and peek in


, before deciding it was time for dessert. I mentioned to Steph about finding somewhere that did Freakshakes after seeing them pop up a couple of times online. She was more than happy to join me on the escapade to find one and said that

Soft Serve Society

was meant to serve the very best. I couldn't ignore a statement like that, so we headed back towards Kings Cross and took a tube to Liverpool Street station; which eerily creeped through Moorgate station as it had been closed due to a possible fire. Nothing screams 'horror movie opening scene' quite like an empty tube station. I was fully prepared for a bloody hand to slam on the window from the depths below the platform...

Keepin' in creepy for the spookiest month over here!

Matcha Freakshake

Soft Serve Society

is located in the Boxpark on Bethnal Green Road. I walked past this area before and had a look in a couple of the small shops when filming for the final year documentary I worked on at university. Boxpark is filled with quirky boutiques, foodie hot spots and even a

Breaking Bad

themed cocktail bar which I've got my eye on to return to. As we walked through the doors into

Soft Serve Society

, I clocked a couple devouring their Chocolate Brownie Freakshakes and knew we weren't going to be disappointed. Steph went for their Matcha Freakshake, whereas I was automatically drawn to their Peanut Butter option. We took a seat on the bench and eagerly awaited the arrival of our drinks. The cafe wasn't too busy when we arrived, but by the time we left there were an abundance of people gushing over their ice creams and tucking into their Freakshakes.

Peanut Butter Freakshake

Steph's Freakshake was dropped off at the table first and I began taking photos of it immediately. I knew it was going to be big, but it was HUGE! Loaded with a cookie, cake slice and biscuits, all of which had precariously been placed on the mason jar mug's top, it was quite a sight to behold. The colours were fantastic too! Then it was my turn. A peanut butter shake layered high with an entire chocolate muffin, whipped cream, pretzels, caramel popcorn, a biscuit and metallic sugar pearls arrived at the table. I could only apologise to my heart and arteries in advance. As I knew I wouldn't be able to eat it all, I skipped the muffin and left some of the other toppings and stuck to the milkshake. It was divine. I completely enjoyed my first taste of a Freakshake and definitely think if I was to have another, I'd be all up for sharing!!

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