We're All Mad Here Book Launch

Acting civilised...

Last weekend Luke and I ventured into London for a day of fun. We spent a majority of our Saturday studying the photos in the

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

exhibition at The Natural History Museum, after Luke explained just how much he enjoyed it last year. Making the most of the trip there, we grabbed some dinner and took whistle stop tours of the other exhibitions. It had been years and years since I had been there, so I loved revisiting the earthquake simulator, wandering through the dinosaur exhibit and also receiving an in depth tour of the Blue Zone from Luke -

who knew Whales have finger bones?

Trade Union Slide

The original reason for visiting London that day though, was to attend the

We're All Mad Here

book launch. Not only was this was my first time meeting the book's author and blogger 


, and my first ever book launch, it was also another opportunity to meet up with a bunch of fab bloggers who I'd spoken to online too. After the #MHMeet escapade, it felt amazing to be able to take the ball and run with it. I'm already thinking about where I can go, what I can do and who I can meet up next; something which would have never been the case mere months ago! Before all that though, it was time to meet up with a couple of the ladies beforehand. From my experience at the #MHMeet, I found it incredibly comforting to meet up with others beforehand as appose to walking into an event alone. Of course this time I was with Luke, who I'm incredibly grateful wanted to come along, but there will always be strength in numbers! With this in mind, Luke and I made our way across London and quickstepped through the rain to the St Katherine's Dock, where we met up with the lovely




in the Starbucks there.

Photo booth fun!

After introducing ourselves, and chatting a little about what our days and journeys had entailed, it was time to head over to Trade Union. The venue was amazing. There was a photo booth (which I adored - I'm obsessed with photo booths), a slide (Yep), and the space had incredible decor too. Besides the main restaurant space, there was a barbers and a bar too.

So rad

. When we reached the private space, Claire greeted us all at the door with hugs and kind words. Admittedly I was so in awe at her Alice In Wonderland patterned dress and gorgeous green shoes that the time between arriving and everyone grabbing complimentary glasses of wine has become a bit of a blur - and that's without alcohol! The photo booth antics are completely clear in my mind though. After meeting


, which I was thrilled about as I knew we were on the same wavelength after our complete pun takeover on Twitter just days before, we all brought the place out of photo booth tokens! I had so much fun bundling into the booth and giggling at the failed attempts to successfully fit us all in one photo. It was fab to meet




for the first time too, and I'm excited for the next chance to meet up with everyone for proper chats again soon.


It was then time for Claire to make a speech. It was endlessly inspiring to hear Claire talk. She highlighted how at one point she couldn't leave the house, but now here she was speaking in front of a room full of people about her own published book. One line from the speech that especially stuck with me was Claire's explanation as to why she writes about her experiences suffering from a mental illness; "I didn't want anyone to go through the same shit I did". This is exactly why I started writing and will continue to write about mental illness. If any of my words help just one person, that will be more than enough. I keenly grabbed a copy of the book and cheekily asked for Claire to sign it, which she kindly did after taking a couple of geeky photos with me! As my book pile grows higher and higher, despite telling myself I don't need any more, this one will definitely be going on the top. I can't wait to lose myself in it one weekend. Congratulations Claire and thank you for a wonderful evening.

The book is out now!

Claire and I!