A Film Club

A Film Club

As you may or may not know, this year I launched

A Film Club

; an online community for creators who make film-related content. Ever since I was in a film club at school, and thoroughly enjoyed film lessons spent discussing the ins and outs of every detail of every scene when watching movies, I had been desperate to be part of something that emulated and encapsulated those experiences. Once my time at university, where I studied film and television production, came to an end, I was desperate to continue learning about film. This combined with time spent struggling to find fellow film bloggers, I thought about how handy it would be to have a hub of links to their content... Bringing the two together led to the birth and formation of the

A Film Club

that exists today.


A Film Club

started off as a lone Twitter account back on October 3rd 2012. This was the same year I started University, and I had aimed to use the account as a means of keeping up to date with film news as well as up-and-coming releases. As University assignments and projects took over my life, this idea took a back seat. I briefly picked up the account again from time to time, but formerly called it take two in November 2015. I then began to adapt 

A Film Club

 into an online community for those who love film and love talking about it too. A space for film lovers to connect, share their content (whether that be blog posts, podcasts or videos) and chat about everything film. Like an offline club, we meet every Thursday at 6pm to chat film with the


Twitter page acting as the host.


(All of our artwork is by

Lizzie Houldsworth


It's a little mind blowing that around this time last year I was trying to work out what to do with the Twitter account I set up back in October, and now it's

an actual club!

With actual members! Over fifty of them!

I'm so grateful that just one person is as fond of

A Film Club

as I am - let alone fifty!! It makes my heart grow two sizes just thinking about the lovely posts 




 have written mentioning the inspiration and encouragement they've found from participating in the club's chats - Lauren even writes an #afilmclub series(!!!). I wish I could succinctly articulate what it means to know that the rush of excitement I experienced when analysing cinema in classes, has been experienced through the chat. It's overwhelming and mind-boggling, and an absolute dream come true.

I've poured so much time into the club in terms of promotion, scheduling, film watching, question drafting and chatting too, but I've loved it all. It's given me something to focus on and build myself back up with, which has been absolutely paramount in my recovery with mental illness. Having something that has re-inspired, driven and allowed me to fall back in love with the movies has been quite life changing. Wanting this club to be something special for everyone involved has kept me going - and I owe it all to our members for their continued support. I can't wait to see what happens to

A Film Club

in 2017. I know we'll be dropping OUR FIRST EVER ZINE (

which is the most exciting thing ever to me right now

), but I'm determined to make so much more happen too. So, if you like what you are reading, please do head on over to our

sign up page

and get involved for next year!

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