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Blue Boat Company Tour
Blue Boat Company Tour
Blue Boat Company Tour

I mentioned in my

Amsterdam Day Two

post that Emma and I took a tour around the city via a

Blue Boat Company

narrowboat. This was the second time I had ever been on a narrowboat, the first being in London, from Camden to Little Venice when I was quite young. The experiences of going through London's waterways and under a section of London Zoo in relation to sailing around Amsterdam's canals, whilst both lovely, were incomparable experiences.

Emma and I queued a little early to increase our chances of nabbing a window seat, and thankfully that worked a treat. Once everyone was seated, we were encouraged to grab a pair of headphones to plug in and enjoy the prerecorded audio tape that accompanied the tour. For the most part, the audio was quite amusing. The recording of two peppy-sounding voice over artists, posing as a husband and wife couple, detailed the history and sights of Amsterdam's streets and canals, with a bunch of fictional anecdotes about their relationship thrown in too. The captain of the boat paused the audio throughout the trip, to include his own facts about the city. I loved this. Even though it's more than likely the information he shared with us he repeats daily to his customers, it felt like we were all being treated to secret little snippets. It was lovely to be aboard with such a welcoming captain and crew! There were plenty of laughs along the way thanks to them, and I would happily take the exact same tour again as well as recommend it to others.

My favourite facts were why the buildings were built at an angle (to avoid items smacking into the sides of the homes when pulley systems were used to move large items up and down) and hearing about the amount of bicycles dragged out from the bottom of the canals last year (thousands upon thousands if you were wondering). But if I'm completely honest with you, I wasn't always paying full attention to what was being said. I was too busy soaking up the incredible views. We took the tour during my favourite times of day; golden hour and sundown. I've always had a little photographic memory for places and experiences, and it's times like these I'm especially grateful for it. Now excuse me whilst I close my eyes and imagine I'm right back there...