Amsterdam: Last Day & Home X

Metropolitan, Amsterdam

And just like that, our time in the city came to a close. Emma and I spent the last day shopping, picking up gifts for loved ones and making the most of the foodie delights available in Amsterdam. This meant stopping at the very chic


for drinks and a spot of lunch, then making time to sample some more ice cream. This time a peanut butter option was on the cards and I can confirm that it was incredible. Pizza will always be bae, but ice cream is my total kryptonite. Worryingly, I think I could easily eat ice cream every day - especially now

Terry's Chocolate Orange

is this year's Christmas McFlurry flavour. Prepare yourself, waistline.  

Before taking the opportunity to walk about the quieter parts of the city, to fit in any sightseeing we had missed, we stopped off at a small exhibition space with a collection of works inspired by Banksy. By this point, tiredness hit me like a brick wall; your body always seems to know when it's almost home time! We wasted an hour or so inside, looking at the various graffiti pieces and using the free wifi, as we waited for the pouring rain outside to slow. 

Ice cream!
Anne Frank's House

Spotting our chance, we headed back out to explore. We wandered around the shopping areas for a bit, and then beelined for the canal we travelled along on our tour of the city by boat. The reason for this was to find the building pictured above. This was Anne Frank's house. It was quite powerful to be standing in front of a building you've read about in books, heard about in history lessons or watched reports on television about, time and time again. Even looking at the picture now, I'm finding it really hard to articulate just how staggering it was and is. What happened right here, what the Franks alongside other Jewish families went through, and how people can treat others with such hatred. It feels weird to end my final post on Amsterdam on a somber note, but I couldn't not mention such a poignant moment. With the current state of political affairs, both in the UK and elsewhere, it feels important to not forget the past and the innocent lives lost. Let's not go back to this.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Amsterdam and spending time with Emma. This was my first ever holiday where I had part responsibility when it came to money, getting to and from airports and navigating the city. It was an exciting experience and I can't wait to do it all over again. I'm already looking into budgeting and what trips I'd like to take next year, but I'm happy to report that my family trip to Barcelona is now all booked up! I'm ECSTATIC. I've been desperate to visit Barcelona for years, and it feels amazing to say it'll be happening in a few months time! Keep your eyes peeled...

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