Sian Blogs Turns 3

Portrait by Kaye Fordtography

Holy moly, Batman.

I can't quite believe how quickly another year of blogging has passed. I've said on many occasions that my blog is like an online scrapbook, but over the last year, it has very much become an extension of myself too. Whilst there are aspects of my life I keep to myself, whether that be due to my unreadiness to share or for privacy reasons, I am always wholeheartedly honest. 

Through this space I have created somewhere to reflect, which has then allowed for me to grow. I pinch myself just thinking about all the friends I have made - especially how lucky I am to have met some of them in person.

Sian Blogs

started for fun, but has become bit of a passion project; particularly last year where (I can't quite believe) I managed to put together over one hundred posts! 

Portrait by Kaye Fordtography

This blog has allowed for me to resurrect my ambitions and keep them alive. I'm driving towards various goals, and I'm pretty stoked to say I have completed a fair few I set in my blog's Birthday post in 2016. Over the last year I...

Found the Spaced house


visited Barcelona


more on that soon...

), started taking Piano lessons, started Operation: Tidy Notes, saw



The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


kickstarted A Film Club into action


visited a butterfly house

, begun a humungous decluttering of my possessions,

ran 5K for charity

and have begun saving for the future -


 pension scheme.

Yet most excitingly to me, I have managed to finally

wrestle with my illnesses and get a good hold on them

. I even faced anxiety by

having a photoshoot

with the wonderful

Kaye Ford

, and this time next week I'll be on my way to the airport to show anxiety who's boss, in the biggest way I can think of. It's strange to consider that just over a year ago I was in such a bad way, despite how much I hid it online. So many people I know have wished me well and have commended me for taking on this trip, and for the first time in a long time I feel full. Here's to another year of blogging and adventures.