Portraits by Kaye Ford

In July I went on a road trip to Devon with some of my best friends. The four of us bundled into Luke's car after work on a Friday and hit the motorway. We passed Stonehenge and tried our best to harmonize to Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams. Our only pit stop was for fries and burgers.

That weekend it felt like time stood still. We spent hours on the beach that went past in a blink, and played countless games of Frustration; all of which left us howling with laughter. Laughing happened a lot over those couple of days. If I close my eyes I can slip back into relaxing in the bath, with the scent of Lush's Butterball filling the room, and hear them burst into shrieks and giggles just down the hall all over again.

Portraits by Kaye Ford

July, on the whole, was good for me. I feel like I learnt a lot. I realised that taking my time is important. That whilst it's vital to have goals, I should not live my life consumed by them. That it's human to feel negative sometimes. I also found that I had become so wrapped up in posting something on here, that I wasn't spending time on the things I love, nor creating a space I wanted to lose myself in.

I gave away more of my possessions, spoke to my Mum about changing my room, and saved some more money in my camper fund. I read my twentieth book this year, and started Stephen King's It. I spent a lot of time scrapbooking and created a separate website for A Film Club too.

Portraits by Kaye Ford

July was also a month filled with thinking. Thinking about where I would like to go next, but also what I would like to spend my time doing right now. I'm no longer thinking about what I would like the end goal to be, but what I want the journey to include. Creativity, travel and wellbeing mean the most to me above all else, so that's where I'm going to start. Feel free to tag along for the ride!

All Portraits taken by Kaye and make up styled by Kelsey.