Creative Pressure

Creative Pressure

When I scroll through Twitter or Instagram I burst with excitement at the expanse of opportunity out there... And simultaneously feel as though I’m drowning in feelings of complete overwhelm.

I see SO many talented people working on exciting projects, turning their passions into careers, and just generally killing it in whatever they do. Every time I'm filled with inspiration from head to toe, and experience a rush to get started on something immediately. Yet with so many varied interests and ideas bubbling around in my brain, I find myself stuck in a cycle of not knowing which something to pursue, and consequently not doing anything to further any of them.

I feel pressure to constantly be putting my time into my next creative endeavour, potential career path, or the furthering of my education... Whilst ensuring to broadcast it for the world to see as proof. I feel like I should be turning my hand to anything, and juggling everything, all in order to churn out project, after project, after project. Knowing there is no such thing as an end goal, I continuously ask myself: “What’s next?”

And quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

Creative Pressure

If you consider a Director’s filmography, Musician’s discography, or Artist’s collection, the number of pieces within them does not equate to how talented nor successful they are. Take my favourite Director Edgar Wright for example; without counting proposed projects, his IMDB page currently lists twenty Directorial credits over a twenty-four year period - that’s under one Film or Television show per year.

This observation is not intended with any disrespect, but to indicate how it takes time to create something worthwhile. Seeing those twenty credits on a page does not tell you that his body of work is a collection of incredibly intricate labours of love, all indicating the flair of a well-established Auteur... But that's exactly what it is. And so, with this in mind, why do we beat ourselves up about not constantly being on the go, and instead take the time to work on single projects that set our mind racing and soul on fire?

I'm tired of feeling pressured and in turn putting pressure on myself. It’s okay to be in a lull and it’s okay to not know where to go next. It’s normal to feel a bit lost and it’s healthy to take breaks. It's also important to remember the achievements you have made in your life, education and career, and how they helped get to where you are now.

Everything you have worked on has led you to this point, and it's okay to step back to figure out where you want to go - in fact, I'm going to do just that.