To Anyone who Feels Lost

To Anyone who Feels Lost

Do you ever spend time worrying that you can't decide what you want to do with your life? That opportunities are available, but that you are unsure of which are best to pursue? Or perhaps that you still don't really know who you are at all?

I'm writing this post to reassure you that you aren't living in an informercial, because hey, me too.

I'm still not quite sure of what style clothes I would like to wear, or which book genre I enjoy reading above the rest... I don't know where I see myself in five years, or the lifestyle I would like to lead... At the moment I don't have a plan or my shit together, but I don't think I am alone in feeling like this.

Emerging from the other side of a rough mental health patch, yet feeling invigorated by a newfound drive, has kept me stuck in the same spot for a while now. It's as though I feel ready and rearing to go, but not exactly sure where to, and so I just wait for answers.

Every time I go online, to my local town or even to sit and watch TV, I feel almost bombarded with attractive ways to live life in some form or another. It can leave me feeling inspired, drained or completely torn.

To Anyone who Feels Lost

I've found that feeling lost can take a terrible toll on my sense of self and confidence. In times where I have felt more sure of myself, I have found it easier to make decisions and cut the crap that brings no value to my life - whatever that may be.

As the world is ever-changing, there is no guide on how to sift through it all to find out what really sings us as individuals. Before you know it, there's a new fad, lifestyle trend, or "big thing" and life starts to feel more like a game of never-ending catch up, rather than something to be enjoyed.

Now I'm tired of feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options available, and mindlessly scrolling through Twitter or YouTube to keep up. I want to take my energy and reinvest it into working out who I am, and instead become invested in myself... So, I've decided to spend my time figuring out how to do just that.

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